Themes and ideas

Here at Confetti Hosts we develop party themes that derive from children's interests and are adapted to suit parties for  boys,  girls or both!

 Our focus is on games, fun and burning energy so our hosts are dressed to move, dance

and do the occasional cartwheel. 

Our intention is to keep adding themes and if you have a particular idea in mind let us know and we can create it for you!   



Somewhere over the rainbow.... This beautiful array of colours is hidden through the grounds where children collect and place back onto the rainbow. After a musical body parts dance off it's onto collecting coloured bean bags for your team and hitting the balls into the hoop. After a rainbow ribbon twirl the raincloud appears to spray water on you while to race to collect the golden chocolate coins. For everyone knows at the end of a rainbow is the treasure! Perfect for the following birthday themes:

Rainbow, Circus, Dance party/Disco, mexican Fiesta, Hello Kitty, Lollypop party


This fun packed party includes saving animals in a treasure hunt, putting out fires and choosing corners in a dance off.  This theme could be incorporated into a Paw Patrol theme, animal theme, Special services, Nature, Campouts, Peter Pan etc. Specifically designed for both boys and girls this takes adventure to a whole new level! 



Ocean Oracles

This party can be adapted to many different themes including The Little Mermaid, Ocean theme, Octonauts, Finding Nemo, Pirate, Ariel, Luau. After some dancing games (some with blue jellyfish ribbon tentacles) the octopus chases children while spraying his 'ink' on them as they dive into rock pools. Then they search through sea slime for the missing starfish and race to find the treasure map gold. 

Ice and Snow

Ok so it's an unofficial 'Frozen' Themed Party! But I don't think you would find Elsa and Arna Shovelling slimy snow from one blue ice bucket to another in those dresses! After a very exciting Snowflake treasure hunt, some blue ribbon twirling and 'Steal the snowflake' game children are happy to make their own jewelled bubble blower and decorate snow cookies to munch on. 

Princess Party


Whether it's Batman, Superman or Wonderwoman children are excited to tie up the 'Baddies' (willing dad's in the crowd), Catch 'Bombs' (water filled balloons) as they fly over walls and help to find the superhero slogans.We do love to mix it up with Fairies and Superheros, Princesses and Superheros - you choose we'll make it happen. 



Summertime party

Summertime Fun

Water, Water, Water is the theme for this party. With water bombs, soggy sponges and ice creatures children love to keep cool as they attempt to melt the frozen balloon to see the summer bug inside. Pool party, Hawaiian theme, Summertime, Mexican and we can always add in some slime and goop for a messy time.  

Fairy Party






Themed Characters